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Artisan Marriage
for Your Personal Repertoire

A Master of Wine at the pinnacle of knowledge, insight, and sensibility
selects an undiscovered masterpiece from the world’s wine scene.
A top-flight sommelier, discerning the wine’s personality,
uses all five senses to carefully identify the essential cuisine to accompany it.
The resulting taste experience is sure to redefine the concept of marriage.
Beyond mere compatibility, the consummation is an ‘intertwining’.
Beyond a well-suited pairing, it is something akin to destiny.
A dimensionally superior experience awaits.
And the particular emphasis on simplicity means
you can delight in artisan marriage in your own personal way,
at everyday light meals or in moments spent with friends.
Our mission is to share the authentic opulence born from the union of wine
and food with everyone who holds a passion for wine.
Over time, we hope to foster even greater sophistication
in Japan’s dining traditions.
intertWine KxM was created to make those dreams come true.


A Supreme Collection,
Carefully Selected from Around the World.

Every selection is curated
by the only Master of Wine (MW) residing in Japan, Kenichi Ohashi.
A curated collection of 1,072 wine types chosen
from over 80 wine-producing countries worldwide.
Beyond their inherent high quality,
the selection includes 140 Japanese sake and 80 authentic shochu,
acknowledged for leading the future of Japanese sake culture.
The only place in the world where all these come together is intertWine K×M.
The cutting-edge lineup featuring diverse wines and Japanese sake
allows you to be at the forefront of the global beverage scene.

Stocking up on your favourite wines
and enjoying the aging process is also an excellent approach
This is another delightful aspect of the multi-faceted world of wine.
Over time, all wines soften in acidity and phenolic texture,
developing depth and complexity.

Not only will our librarians* expound on a wine’s current characteristics
but they will also give you food pairing suggestions for five or ten years in the future.
Explore the delights that future wines have to offer.
Savour the quality that matures gradually over time,
all from the comfort of your own home.
Join us on a journey through a superior realm of wine.

We also offer wine storage services at Warehouse Terrada,
tailored to your individual requirements.
The storage service is available from just one to as many as several hundred bottles.
In a space reminiscent of a winery’s underground cellar,
our knowledgeable staff will tend your collection with utmost care.

* Librarian
Originally refers to a librarian at the British Library. Here, we are using it as a term for staff who have passed a unique and challenging exam on various aspects of alcoholic beverages, including theoretical knowledge of marriage and of proposal methods. The examiners are Kenichi Ohashi MW and top sommelier Motohiro Okoshi. The only staff who are appointed as librarians are people who have a deep understanding of the examiners’ principles, and are judged to be capable of using their own words to make excellent proposals to customers.

大橋 健一 / Kenichi Ohashi

Yamajin co., ltd. CEO

Kenichi Ohashi MW

大越 基裕 / Motohiro Okoshi

Wine Taster / Sommelier

Motohiro Okoshi

Component Pairing

Begin your exploration of the essence
of marriage at our store,
through the craftsmanship of our top sommelier.

Elevating the wines and Japanese sake proudly presented by intertWine K×M are the exquisite pairings of Motohiro Okoshi, a top sommelier who excels in pairing and is active on the international stage as well as domestically. The unique aspect lies in the ‘Component Pairing,’ where he identifies with pinpoint accuracy the compatibility between ingredients and drinks. This offers an impeccably balanced combination that remains consistent without compromising on the ability to be recreated in everyday life. Start by experiencing it through tastings at our store and then try recreating it in your own home.

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intertWine K×M

11:00 - 20:00
Azabudai Hills Market, 1-2-4 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Directly connected to Exit 5 of Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Line
  • 4 minutes’ walk from Exit 2 of Station on the Namboku Line
  • 10 minutes’ walk from Exit 3 of Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line

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